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Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting

We consult and assist with any legal or administrative troubles in timeshare. We will solve your conflicts or disputes with the resort.


We look after the clients left by the runaway or bankrupt marketing companies. We pick up their clients, contact the developers to negotiate the special conditions for the victims of fraud or mischief, and finally we complete the outstanding business.

We assist with the reinstatement in the resort if the member has lost his membership for non-payment of the maintenance and did not realize it or feels sorry and would like to get his membership back.

Some marketing companies are trying to benefit from the fact that Russians are not aware of the cooling off period and would not provide it. Even some famous decent resort groups. We consider it not fare and we demand the law to be executed. Having said that first we put all our efforts to keep the deal and help the buyer to get rid of his doubts. We would do it in order to keep the client for our Travel Club as a happy owner. But if the client was seriously misled we shall take his side.

Whatever happened we try to avoid the scandal and aggravation as it usually does not bring anywhere. Together with the marketing company, developer, management company and resort Committee we look for the solution to make the client happy and to avoid the bad reputation of the timeshare.

We do our best to promote the good name of timeshare and we support and maintain two on-line nonprofitable projects  which educates public on timeshare. (http://timeshareworld.ru  and  http://ote-info.ru

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