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Nelly Margolit, our company creator and the CEO tells that the idea to create Help Line International, a company that would assist the timeshare owners or buyers came while assisting a celebrity whom nobody else could help to get the duplicate of his membership and exchange documents.


In 1996 was created a company “Help Line International” aiming at assisting the timeshare purchasers where the company they were buying from ceased its activity.

Some situations were really silly: The marketing company that was fear with its clients, provided them with the certificates, membership in the exchange system, but ran away being chased by some bandit groups. The clients who would not know the reason why the marketing company disappeared would consider themselves being stitched and would even through away all the valid documents since there would not be anybody to explain them about their certificate and cards.

Some clients had doubts in validity of what they bought. Others were a bit confused how to use the timeshare they bought. For all of these clients was created a company which would be looking after the buyers or owners of timeshare holidays.


Almost from the beginning there came up three directions in the company’s activity: Legal and Finance would be assisting the clients to receive their membership documents, making sure that the marketing company would fulfill its obligations to the clients, Tourist – assistance in booking a timeshare holiday, Resales – assistance in listing the timeshare for resale with the specialized agency and follow up service during the all process of resale.

Почти сразу в деятельности компании определились три направления: 

Later we developed another activity – Resort Development. The developers in Russia always showed interest to timeshare. From time to time we were approached by the local developers who wanted to estimate the advantages of timeshare resort activity over the hotel activity or real estate sales.

At that point we divided the operations into two companies. «Курортная Линия Помощи» (Resort Help Line) took over the assistance to the timeshare buyers and  «Международная Линия Помощи» (International Help Line) was dealing with the potential timeshare resorts.

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In 2000 we have opened up an office in Moscow which was working successfully for some five years and we were also planning to open up in Kiev and Alma-Ata. The Moscow office was aimining at being closer to our Moscow clients as well as to the citizens of the other distant cities who more often come to Moscow then to St-Petersburg. By the time we opened up an office in Moscow we have already had there over 2500 clients who have contacted our office in St-Petersburg with the different timeshare issues. Some of them have even travel to St-Petersburg to meet us for the timeshare consultancy and assistance. During the next five years our Moscow office have visited over 5000 timeshare families.

When in 2003 while moving to the new offices we have temporarily transferred the operations to

 Our St-Petersburg office all of a sudden we noticed that our Moscow clients did not even noticed that they are dealt by specialists in another city. Obviously with the terrible traffic jams the Moscow clients have valued any possibility to discuss and solve the questions over the phone. Lately the only reason they would visit the office was if we needed the original of their passport to do a travel visa.

All the negotiations were over the phone and the payments we took of the credit card and all the documents we just e-mailed. It became clear that we don’t need to maintain a second office in Moscow and send their high qualified specialists on a regular basis. The company concentrated on raising the efficiency of the negotiations and providing the operations over the phone or online. This brought us high results.


Nowadays the company continues developing all its timeshare activities and is increasing its relations with different companies and organizations round the world from which might depend the succesfull resolution of the clients’ issues.

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