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Help Line International was created to assist the client with any problems or difficulties they were experiencing with timeshare. The biggest difficulties in yearly 90th were with travel abroad, with the usage of the timeshare.

We suggested the client the following solutions to their problems or difficulties in arranging their timeshare holidays:

·        For the ones who were confused with wheat they bought and how to use the exchanges we offered our assistance to book the exchange on their behalf

·        For those who did not speak English we would contact the resort to book their accommodation, receive the holiday confirmation

·        We assisted with travel visas

·        We arranged the travel insurances

·        We helped to receive the foreign travel passport

·        We held a block of seats on the popular charter flights to Spain, Tenerife and Thailand to provide the timeshare holidaymakers, since the tour operators would not sell the flights without the package.

·        We helped with the holiday rentals

·        We communicated with the management companies of three resorts to provide the extra weeks accommodation to the members.

·        We helped with the car rentals

·        We assisted with booking tickets concerts, sport and other events.


Now all of what we have been doing seems so simple to do. You just need the access you the internet. But imagine all of it was performed without any internet in the beginning. Our international telephone bills were huge and we have been receiving faxes day and night.


We were the first to arrange the low-cost flight from the nearest low-cost flights area ports such as Tampere in Finland, Tallinn and Riga. It helped a lot of clients who did not have the internet or skills to book it. The other agencies would not offer it as they did not get the commission from the airline company. We had a flexibility to offer the client the best offer whether it was charter flights, low-cost or discounted


Even now when our clients became confident with their timeshare holidays our Travel Club is still succeeding.

We still can provide the timeshare clients with the cheap charter flights which tour operators still sell only together with their package tour.

We have access to all three biggest exchange companies and their late breaks and bonus weeks offers. We deal with the management companies on the extra week accommodation. We run our own rental program. This way we can offer five times more choices of holidays.


Also since the beginning we are generating fly-buys to the resorts round the world.

Our fly-by destinations at this moment are: Costa del Sol, Costa Bravo, Tenerife-Canaries, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Thailand, Bali-Indonesia, UAE, Goa-India, etc.

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