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About us

THE HISTORY OF THE COMPANYUnrepeated unique timeshare experience

Nelly Margolit, our company creator and the CEO tells that the idea to create Help Line International, a company that would assist the timeshare owners or buyers came while assisting a celebrity whom nobody else could help to get the duplicate of his membership and exchange documents.


Our Team of Specialists

We had from 8 to 26 people working in our office at a time in different years.

But ourl leader and the ideas generator in the company is Nelly Margolit and the executive director and the heart  of the company for many years is Alla Anosova.

From the first day and up till now we are one friendly team.  The kind and friendly relations between the staff is a guarantee of the attentive and efficient  relation with the clients.


Our Company Services

During the 20 years of practice we equired broad timeshare knowledge which helps us to solve any problem in timeshare. Anybody can contact Help Line International, any owner or buyer of timeshare of any club resident of any state. We are limited only to the Russian language. Our specialists speak Russian with the clients, thou they know quite well English, Spanish, Italian and other languages, which is important for the successful negotiations with the resorts and other organizations.  We can be contacted with any timeshare question or with any problem.


Our Company Mission

Most of the timeshare consultancies we offer our clients free.

During the free of charge timeshare consultancy we can openly discuss all the issues that interest or worry you as well as identify existing problems. We are happy to share with you all variable and detailed information so that you could estimate our high level of the competence and would trust our specialists.



Memberships saved70%
Memberships reinstated80%
Memberships issued to the clients of the gone companies90%


After so many years our company Help Line International has stablished the strong team of specialists who aim at achieving the results which would satisfy the clients at the minimum cost.


During over 20 years we have worked closely with more than 50 international resorts, management , exchange, cruise, resale companies and trustees. For many of them we acted as their representative office for their Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian and Kazakhistanian clients. Here you would fine just some of them.
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